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The 2010 CARIFTA Organizing Committee invites Technical Officials from all Member Federations to work the CARIFTA Competitions. Our objective is to schedule Technical Officials in such a way so as to ensure that FINA rules are observed, while providing an opportunity for new judges to gain valuable experience.

Technical Officials wishing to work the 2010 CARIFTA Championships must submit their completed application by January 23, 2010 to the 2010 CARIFTA Organizing Committee. We hope to advise the successful applicants as soon as possible thereafter. Technical Officials are expected to pay for their own airfare, accommodation, meals and ground transportation, however applicants who are accepted will enjoy the rates stated in the Meet Summons.

Technical Official Application Form <Word> <PDF> - to be submitted by January 23, 2010

Submit the Application form to:

2010 CARIFTA Organizing Committee


FAX: (876) 920-6129



FINA Development Program, in association with the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) will be hosting a FINA Development Clinic for Waterpolo Referees during the CARIFTA 2010 Championships. Clinic participants will have the opportunity to officiate during the CARIFTA Water Polo Competition...more


LIST OF THE TECHNICAL OFFICIALS approved to work during 2010 CARIFTA Swimming Championships are :

WATERPOLO -     Michael Hernandez  (TRI)

                        Charissa Hackshaw   (TRI)

                        Frank Bohm  (AHO)

                        Lance Rochester  (JAM)

                        Justin Taylor  (JAM)


SWIMMING -    Olive Balderamos (CAY)

                     Juel Gittens  (BAR)

                     Sonia O'Neal  (BAR)

                     Pamela Moss  (BAH)

                     John Bradley  (BAH)

                     Erin Moss  (BAH)

                     Sharon Sweeting  (BAH)

                     Zelda Allen  (BAH)

                     Tom McCallum (CAY)

                     Amy Cofer  (CAY)

                     Brent Mays  (ISV)


SYNCHRO -    Michaelle De Goeij-Falconi  (ARU)

                   Anges Rancez  (GUD)

                   Jorge Ruz Guerra  (AHO)

                   Adria Koomen  (AHO)

                   Ingrid Frans  (AHO) - practice





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