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Top Times and Records

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2013-2016 USA Time Standards (zip file)

Jamaican Senior National Records for MM/TM (May 7 2014) (right click)

Jamaican National Age Group Records for MM/TM (June 11 2014) (right click)

Jamaican All Comers Age Group Records for MM/TM (June 5 2014) (right click)

Jamaican Masters National Records for MM/TM (December 2011) (right click)





Jamaican National Senior Records (Printable)



Long Course Records (LCM) - updated May 2014


Jamaican Age Group Records (Printable)



Jamaican All Comers Records (LCM) - updated June 2014


Jamaican Masters National Records (Printable)



Long Course Records (LCM) - updated December 31, 2011






Jamaica Top Five Rankings (by Age Group)


Listing of performances since October 1, 2014



Boys Age-Group 15 - 17 - updated to January 19, 2015




Jamaica Top Ten Senior Rankings


Listing of performances since January 1, 2013





CAC Region Rankings (prepared by Fernando Delgado - PUR)





CISC Region Rankings by Age Group (prepared by Fernando Delgado - PUR)






FINA World Records and Rankings







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